Goianésia Campus - In 2015 a UniRV Medical School was opened in Goianésia. The current campus is part of the Goianésia Municipal Department of Education and part of the State University of Goiás (UEG), with 14 classrooms, five tutoring rooms, two conference rooms, an anatomy laboratory, an analysis laboratory clinics, a laboratory of histology - morphofunctional, three conference rooms, laboratory and laboratory room, library, a computer lab and two laboratories of medical skills, Information Technology (IT) room, secretariat, coordination, coordination, warehouse and reception. In Goianésia, the students carry out practical activities in the municipal university hospital. A new campus is already under construction. The site will have a structure of 4,668m² and will be on Highway GO-438, KM 01, direction Santa Rita do Novo Destino, with 10 classrooms with capacity for 60 students each, plus 10 tutoring rooms with capacity for 15 students, morphofunctional laboratories , complete administrative area, surgery skill laboratories, restrooms, kitchen and university restaurant, central monitoring, library, living area, rooms for Academic and Athletic Medical Center and parking.