Superior Administration

Rector: Prof. Dr. Sebastião Lázaro Pereira

Vice-Rector: Prof. Leonardo Veloso do Prado

Pro-Rector of Post-Graduation: Prof. Dr. Gustavo André Simon

Pro-Rector of Research and Innovation: Prof. Dr. Eduardo Lima do Carmo

Pro-Rector of Graduation: Prof. Ma Helemi Oliveira Guimarães de Freitas

Pro-Rector of Extension and Culture: Prof. Ma Vanessa Renata Molinero de Paula

Pro-Rector of Student Affairs: Prof. Nagib Yassin

Pro-Rector of Administration and Planning: Prof. Alberto Barella Netto

Attorney General: Prof. Ma Viviane Aprigio Prado e Silva


Telephone: +55 (64) 3611-2200


Our commitment


Produce, systematize and socialize knowledge through teaching, research, extension and service programs, especially through the training of professionals capable of interacting critically, creatively and purposefully - politically, technically and socially.


Our mission


Interact with excellence in the process of development of society acting in the areas of Teaching, Research and Extension to train ethical, humanistic and with scientific posture citizens.


Our Responsibility


Ensure quality teaching with solid scientific bases, interdisciplinarity and modern world view, domain and application of educational technologies, participatory forms and innovative teaching and learning practices.


Our vision



To be an educational, scientific, technological, artistic and cultural nucleus capable of being a reference for the construction of innovative practices and focused on the excellence of the university and the development process in its various instances and forms of manifestations.